Considering the future of the company, we create conditions not only for experienced specialists, but also for graduates of high schools. Diligent, seeking single aim personalities will not lack space for unlocking talents, searching for solutions or being pleased with the achieved results. We do pin our hope on business development with such personalities.

From current and joining employees we expect:

  • good professional skills, specialist or manager traits;
  • ability to deal with challenges, to implement them, to keep to a stiff schedule, and to efficiently use resources;
  • initiative and determination when offering and embodying business possibilities;
  • team work with assuming personal responsibility;
  • keeping to the company’s code of conduct.

What you may expect from us is:

  • interesting, dynamic work;
  • professional development, career possibilities;
  • competitive salary and good work conditions;
  • target –oriented work environment, where each employee’s merit is valued;
  • high professional skills of the managers;
  • staff friendliness

Please do not hesitate to refer:

Open positions


Job description: development of customer products (deposits, loans, direct debit, regular payments, card-file, external bank products and etc.) and support of functions; analysis of customer needs and jobs, search for solutions, preparation of initial project documents; consulting and training of customer specialists, preparation of presentations.

System Administrator

Job description: consulting on support and development opportunities of the system used by customers; recommendations to customers on capability and functionality of the system, a search for possible solutions.