Electronic Money Institutions

House of Credit Unions is ready to offer the following package of functions to the electronic money institutions:

Functions FORPOST product / subsystem
 Main functions

General Ledger

  • Creation and management of account plan

Customer Relationship Management

  • Registration and management of customers
  • Support of natural persons’ registry
  • Support of legal entities’ registry
  • Setting and support of relations between persons and customers
  • Filling-out of the customer’s dossier


  • Opening and management of customers’ accounts
  • Opening and management of internal accounts
  • Formation and sending of account statements

Anti-Money Laundering

  • Anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorism financing
  • Periodic formation and submission of the prevention registry of the supervising institution
 Payments and cash-desk  Payments
  • Fund transfer between customer’s accounts
  • Internal operations
  • Non-cash conversion
  • Payment transfers in Lithuania

Cash management

  • Money storage settings
  • Cash-desk settings
  • Currency exchange operations
  • Collections’ accounting


  • Setting and management of commission fees for operations
  • Setting and management of periodic commission fees
 Internet Banking  Internet Banking
  • Viewing of accounts
  • Statement, account analysis, statement ordering
  • Opening of new accounts
  • Payments into own accounts
  • SEPA payments
  • Payment templates
  • List of beneficiaries
  • Currency exchange
  • List of operations
  • Loans (viewing of contracts)
  • Deposits (valid contracts)
  • Information and settings
  • Public utility payments and instalments
  • Standing orders
  • Payment cards
  • Applications
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Electronic gates
 Integration with other systems 

Integration Solutions

  • Import of currency rates
  • Interface with Funds Limitation Information System (PLAIS)
  • Interface with State Tax Inspectorate
  • Other sources as required
 Audit and control  Information control system
  • Monitoring and control of activities
 Reporting  Reporting
  • Mandatory reporting to the Bank of Lithuania
 Public utility payments  E-invoicing
  • Settlement with service providers by submitted invoices
  • Standing orders by submitted invoices without exceeding the set limit
 IB pay

IB Pay system

  • FORPOST*IB Pay product intended for conclusion of contracts between the bank and the seller
  • FORPOST storage of keys intended for administration of sellers’ digital certificates
  • FORPOST*Internet Banking applications intended for the interface between FORPOST*Internet Banking users and the seller
 Mobile banking  Mobile application (Android 4.0.3+, iOS 8.0+)
  • Viewing of accounts
  • Account statement
  • Payments into own accounts
  • SEPA payments
  • List of operations
  • Password changing